Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 23, 2007

Back in action!

Once in a while your body loses the fight and you get knocked flat on your behind for a few days. I’m not just talking about staying home and watching movies, eating leftovers and watching 90210 marathons with a box of tissues and a bottle of DayQuil beside you. I’m talking knocked out cold, in bed, curtains drawn, wishing with ever ounce of your being that the next time you wake up the misery will be over.

This week, I lost the fight. Four days on my road of recovery however, I’m back!

So what did I miss?

The beginning of spring for one thing! And it started earlier than past years? Yes indeed, this MSNBC article explains (pretty pictures included). Heck I don’t need anyone to tell me twice. It’s spring baby, finally!

And for anyone who has experience with online dating be sure to check out Freshly Brewed who I think said everything I would on a new dating service for “hott” people (yes, yet another way of descriminating against the ugly).



  1. Like you would have a problem finding a date anyway?

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