Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 26, 2007

A Store with a Conscience – what a novel idea

I love Whole Foods stores (though my fave is still Fresh Market). I like walking in and taking in the mountains of perfectly arranged produce, walking by the glass cases filled with delicate hand made chocolates (don’t even try to lie, you know you stop to look at them too), checking out (and tasting, thanks to those helpful store clerks) the array of cheeses, perusing the walls of fresh grains and other bagable ingredients and the overall positive attitude of the food specialists in each department.

My favorite thing (and no, it’s not the prices) however, is seeing local farmers’ labels on products. True the local goods are a bit sparse during the long winter months, but they still exist unlike in some other stores.

Well Whole Foods is stepping up and walking the walk they’ve been talking about for a while by setting up the Local Producer Loan Program to help develop local sources for products sold in it’s stores nationwide. The Chicago Tribune has the full story on their latest midwest efforts, but it’s so nice to see this initiative take action and I only hope other companies follow suit.

Next step to perfect this store, would to make buying these local grown goods less expensive then ordering up a Big Mac. In the mean time I can dream…


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