Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 29, 2007

“Paper or biodegradable plastic?”

It’s true. For all the San Fran residents out there, you may soon be hearing this question replace the classic “paper or plastic?” that has so long existed in grocery stores and pharmacies. The city is taking steps to outlaw the use of non-biodegradable plastic bags in a step to be more environmentally friendly. The Boston Globe posted this AP story today on the Green plans.

I’m thrilled and hope it gets the final go ahead from Mayor Davin Newsom. Even the most well intentioned folks (myself included) aren’t always able to break out the reusable canvas bags for their shopping trips and will often falter on the paper vs. plastic decision, opting for the easier to carry plastic bags. If the option is gone or the plastic bags are more environmentally friendly, my guilt can be eased! Store owners aren’t thrilled that it’s going to cost more $$, but if we’re already paying top dollar for the organic foods, they can make this sacrifice.

Boston, you need to get on board with this too!


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