Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 29, 2007

Remember school cafeteria food?

I’ll be honest, I used to trade my amazing home-made lunches for money in grade school to buy “hot lunch” (aka, cafeteria food) whenever there was pizza (sorry Mom). There was something about that cheesy blob that was like heaven to me, yet now I look back and realize that it was nothing but processed cheese on soggy inch-thick bread with a layer of grease on top (oh, how my culinary tastes have evolved). Not to mention that it was usually accompanied by a greenish pile of what looked like wet grass cuttings (string beans).

 Yes, cafeteria lunches have come a long way since my grade school experiences when the pizza was the height of trendy meals. In fact, Massachusetts school systems are taking big steps to benefit both local farmers and student diners by participating in the Farm to School Program. posted this story today on the initiative and how it’s helping bolster the success of our hard working local farmers (I used to work on a farm-stand so I can attest to the challenges New England farmers deal with).

Obviously limited by the local growth season, I wonder if similar programs will be initiated within local restaurants and other stores. Can our farmers handle it? I hope so…


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