Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 23, 2007

Fighting Monday

Mondays are my fight day. The whole day seems to be comprised of a series of fights. First it’s the fight to leave your warm cozy bed to get ready for work, then it’s fighting traffic, followed by a number of fights with your computer once you get to the office, and once 2:00 pm rolls around, it’s a fight to resist the urge to nap on your keyboard.

I think what makes today especially hard is knowing how beautiful it is outside. True, we had a gorgeous weekend here in New England with temps in the 70s and even 80s yesterday, but getting a taste of that bliss and then be stuffed back into the florescent lighting of the office is kinda sad.

That’s why I’m glad I have a great resource of funny friends who send me little pick me ups throughout the day. So thanks Fuzzy for sending me this Will Farrell clip!


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