Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 30, 2007

Google’s New “Themes”

So there are many things that I find entertaining, especially when it comes to technology. But sometimes it’s the simplest things that totally make my day. Google for example has some great personalization options available to its users; you can sign up for G-mail and customize your home page with all sorts of news, pictures and widgets.

Today however, I found out the wonder that is their “theme” option. On your personalized page, in the bottom right corner of your header bar (that contains your Google Search tool) there is a “Select Theme” option. Click it! Given most of them are pretty cutesy, but there are a couple that are more general. Once you have chosen your theme it will ask you to type in your zip code so that the theme picture will correspond to your time of day with slight variations (even if it’s just the change in color or the sun’s position). Some change more than others, but it’s fun! I hop on Google about 50 times a day, so just a little fun variation and personalization is appreciated!





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