Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 8, 2007

Get out and explore Boston!

The Courtyard at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Visitors to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum first encounter the picturesque courtyard. The garden is now draped with 20-foot hanging nasturtium vines, a plethora of spring bulbs, maples, azaleas, and blue cineraria, as well as many varieties of Cymbidium orchids. Stewart designed her museum around the flowering garden to show her personal love for flowers. According to the museum, the gardeners design, cultivate, and present six displays showcasing seasonal flowers and greenery annually. In April, 8-foot-long nasturtiums are hung from the balconies in honor of Stewart’s birthday: April 14, 1840. During May, the courtyard will display hydrangeas, Martha Washington geraniums, Cape primrose, and tree ferns.

Probably the biggest mistake I see people making when they live near, but not in a big city, is that they don’t explore it enough. They take advantage of the fact that there is this mecca of culture and entertainment right at their fingertips and they never get to know it. I was guilty of this for a long time. My relationship with my city, Boston, was a one sided affair where it was always there for me, but I rarely spent time with it. Then I left it however and realized how much I loved it.

So when I moved back I made a promise to myself; that Boston and I would go steady and that I’d take the time to learn about as much as I possibly could (without expiencing its rat problem and underbelly crime scene).

I have no excuses now not to visit, but sometimes even I need a little motivation. A guide, a friend, an event, or even an especially beautiful day are the best motivators to jump start a great Boston day. Luckily for me The Boston Globe just released their “Amazing Spaces” article and have listed out some of my favorite places as well as some new ones that I’m now planning to go to!

If you need some motivation to drive you into Boston besides the lovely weather, just take a look and you might start making plans too.


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