Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 10, 2007

“Holy cow, spring is finally here”

It’s the first warm spring night; you know the one that assures you summer will come after-all. It gives you hope that the four letter “s” word and heavy winter jackets are gone for almost the rest of the year (knock on wood) and you won’t have to worry about leaving our house ten minutes early to defrost your windshield. Nope tonight is special. Things slowed down and even the sun seemed to take its time setting, finally winking goodnight behind the west hills after 8:00 (long days here we come).  I also spotted a couple leisurely strolling the quiet street outside my building, ice cream cones in hand, enjoying the fact that they could be out after nightfall with a tank top and shorts on. Obviously this is a big moment for the ice cream fans.

You may think it’s random , me writing about an otherwise event-less night, but this has got to be the best night of the year so far just sitting here by my open windows feeling a still-warm night breeze and watching how the leaves (yes there are finally leaves) obstruct my view of the Prudential building. A small price to pay for green leaves again however. All in all after the first HOT day of the year, it seems like people are taking it easy tonight, abandoning their television sets and American Idol and sitting out on their porches or going for late walks like it was the end of the week and they have nothing pressing to do tomorrow.

And just think, we might never have recognized this night if we hadn’t endured the long ass New England winter with its temperature swings, slushy sidewalks,  frozen nozes and bad winter drivers. It seemed like the right thing to do though, just taking a few minutes and saying, “Holy cow, spring is finally here.”



  1. “It’s springtime in Boston on BNC”, I can still here the bouncy jingle in my head, as the old man and I headed down route 2 with the radio blaring. It was the first week of the Redsox season, and in true “crooked construction worker” form, dad had landed a two scalped tickets to tonights game. The peanuts and beer started at the house for him, as we lumbered into the city in his old pickup. We didn’t know who they were playing or who was pitching, we just knew that going to the Sox was what fathers and sons did in the spring What a great day, hot dogs in the stands, a new ball cap, ducking for flyballs that really weren’t even coming at us, all topped off with a good peanut shell fight.

    I can’t tell you who won or even who they did end up playing, but I can tell you what the grass smells like at Fenway, or what the hot dogs taste like, or where you can buy bootleg tee shirts after the game. The Sox at fenway are one of my first signs of spring, Thanks for the game buddy.


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