Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 29, 2007

Holiday weekend is over… I need a vacation


New Englanders take Memorial day weekend very seriously. Don’t you dare come between them and their BBQs or there will be trouble. I get a kick out of this yearly tradition that marks the unofficial start of summer up here.  I guess everyone is just in such desperate need of sunshine and a good rip-roaring party, they pull out all the stops (I personally loved watching my neighbors get toasted around the beer cooler yesterday, waiting to see who’s toddler could make it to the street corner first before going to pick them up).

I spent the weekend entertaining, which means I am officially in need of a vacation now. My Floridian friend took a trip up for her birthday and we had an action packed weekend. I won’t bore you with the blow by blow details, but I got to go to some of my favorites: Turner’sin Melrose (the best darn chocolate cake I’ve ever had ironically), Salisbury State Beach, Masa (their bartenders can make anything), the Blue Man Group (seen it 3 times and it’s still incredible), Stephanie’s on Newbury for brunch (beware, their French Toast is HUGE), Sel De La Terre for dinner (best restaurant in the city I’ve found so far), Faneuil Hall for drinks, and a great Italian bakery in Wakefield that makes some killer cannoli.

Wish I’d had time to check out EarthFest 2007 though… maybe next year.

Needless to say, I have good reason to be tired, but was just relieved to see that I was not the only one dragging this Tuesday. Most of my coworkers had similar bags under their eyes and a look of “Is it Friday yet?” as they trudged past my desk. Me, I’m just glad it’s a 3.5 day week. Wheew!


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