Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 4, 2007

Cupcakes Make a Comeback


When you’re a kid, your mom bakes you cupcakes for your second grade birthday parties. The sugary goodness makes you the most popular kid in class for as long as the frosting lasts. As you grow up though, the bite-sized treats are replaced by full-sized cakes (with more calories, that you actually care about), glasses of champagne and on occasion a chocolate martini with cherries. Wow, how things change.

Well maybe things haven’t changed that much, or maybe more adults missed the simple pleasure that is the cupcake and longed for the days of their childhood when sprinkles and colored frosting were the height of satisfaction. Pay attention folks, cupcakes are making a comeback and bakers across the country are taking notice. Amidst the wedding announcements and sports pages, the Sunday New York Times featured a story on entrepreneurs who left their various successful careers to open dessert and/or cupcake shops in cities like Las Angeles (ironically the diet capital of the U.S.).

More local proof however, lies in that of Johnny Cupcakes, a hot clothing store on Newbury St with a great story and a cute owner that gives people a reason to shop by giving them delicious cupcakes in addition to great clothes! Though he started with T-shirts, his reputation has spread across the music industry and landed him a with a great following as well as a line of accessories featuring his signature cupcake and crossbones.

So next time your sweet tooth kicks in, forget the decadent creme brule and splurge on a cupcake instead. Your inner child will be thrilled!


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