Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 28, 2007

Lucky daughters… spread the word

I’m lucky. I know it.

I have a truly incredible relationship with my mom and she is in fact, my best friend.

Until I read this article in today’s NY Times though, I never really stopped to think how many of my friends have similar relationships with their own mothers.

This article discusses the difference that the Gen Y Girls brought to the mother-daughter relationship. We’re closer to our mothers, lean more on them for guidance, share more, talk more (aided by modern technology), and just seem to rely more on each other.

Like any relationship it requires work and it doesn’t always go smoothly, but one quote in here really stood out and referred to mothers as , “that truest and most loving of friends”.

Yes, it’s kind of sentimental, which I’m really not, but it’s true. So give a shout out to the mom’s today (even though they had their day last month) and let them know you know that you too are lucky.


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