Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 22, 2007

The Harry Potter Epic Comes to a Close


Like many people I joined in Potter Mania this past Saturday, perhaps not donning a cloak and wand, but certainly running out at the first opportunity and buying the 7th and final installment of the Harry Potter’s ten year legacy The Deathly Hallows. Shortly after purchase I plopped down on my futon and gently opened the crisp pages of the book that held the answers I’d been waiting for since the first moment I was introduced to the young wizzard.

I was not dissapointed. It took me 10 hours to finish the book from cover to cover, devouring as many details as possible on a first-read. Those who have experienced even one of these books can appreciate the level of detail JK Rowling provides, weaving a world that you still find surprises in even after 2 or 3 reads. Yes, the book got darker, and yes there were times when I myself had to ask WTF? I laughed at the quick witt the characters managed to procure even in the most desparate of times, I cried (and I’m not an overly emotional person) when the first of at least six characters I had grown so fond of was killed, and I was almost giddy and shaking with excitement as all the pieces, explanations and final elements of the puzzle that make up Harry Potter came together in the final few chapters.

Yes, folks. You’ll have to go through the entire book before you reach any sort of understanding in this book as most of it’s secrets are unearthed in the final pages. But the journey there, though very occasionaly hindered by lumps of rather wordy background and explanations, is the most satisfying I’ve taken in any book I’ve read so far.

I’ve read many reviews of the book since I finished (less than 9 hours ago) and of course revert to the New York Times review by Michiko Kakutani, as she so elequntly summed up the entire Potter epic:

“…J.K. Rowling has created a world as fully detailed as L. Frank Baum’s Oz or J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, a world so minutely imagined in terms of its history and rituals and rules that it qualifies as an alternate universe…”

“The world of Harry Potter is a place where the mundane and the marvelous, the ordinary and the surreal coexist. It’s a place where cars can fly and owls can deliver mail, a place where paintings talk and a mirror reflects people’s innermost desires. It’s also a place utterly recognizable to readers, a place where death and the catastrophes of daily life are inevitable, and people’s lives are defined by love and loss and hope – the same way they are in our own mortal world.”



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