Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 31, 2007

Bread Gives us Insight


During a conversation with a friend about some recent dining experiences, she brilliantly brought up the issue of bread. This sounds out there, but hear me out. Bread is the first thing you’ll taste at most restaurants (unless you’re pulling a no carb standoff, and then I applaud your will power) and the only item, except tap water, that you will receive for no charge. It is for these reasons that the bread is crucial to your overall dining experience, because it sets the tone for your coming meal.

I worked at a truly incredible restaurant in Tampa, FL called Mise En Place, that put hours of prep time into their bread preparation and it reflected the overall quality and attention to detail that is so important in a dining experience. Not only would the bread be fresh, but it would be sliced, grouped (three kinds) and then wrapped in parchment paper before being tied with string and garnished with a sprig of thyme. The butter (whipped with herbs) was hand piped and the entire presentation was like that of a gift that diners actually got to open and enjoy.

This may be a bit of a random thought, but I think if you pay attention the next time you go out to eat you’ll see that the bread (and the dipping choices that come with it) is a preview into the rest of the meal that hints at the wonders or troubles ahead. Go ahead, try it out and see how this hypothesis works.



  1. I totally totally agree… bread defines the dining experience!

  2. Most def.!

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