Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 24, 2007

Under Where? Underwear!


One of my colleagues pointed me towards the news about the underwear ban in Atlanta. I bet that caught your attention huh? Visuals of people burning underwear going commando under their conservative duds pop up?

In fact Atlanta is trying to ban the visual underwear. You know the strange 90s fashion that still lives on in various areas, where guys where their pants around their knees to show off their boxers and chicks hike up the thongs around their waste (they’re called hip-hugger underwear for a reason)? Atlanta’s government is trying to get rid of this eyebrow raising look.

Even though I wouldn’t morn the loss of this style and would probably celebrate the comeback of belts and female mystery (when it comes to undergarments), I feel like there is something slightly disturbing about the government dictating what people can and cannot wear. Just a tad bit controlling in my mind… Any thoughts?


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