Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 7, 2007

I wished on a shooting star…


First we wished. Then we prayed. Finally the prayers were answered when the rumor that Nordstrom was coming to various Mass cities by 2007, swept across New England. We can thank the buyout of Filenes by Macys perhaps. Or maybe we can praise Barney’s for putting some faith into the Boston area by opening a downtown store. No matter who is responsible, Nordstrom is opening their doors at last to Massachusetts during today’s launch of the Natick Collection.

Once known to residents as “The Natick Mall” (back during my Framingham State days for example), The Natick Collection is being dubbed as “Little Newbury”, attracting the similar upscale, uber-fashionable (aka more expensive, but worth it) clientele as the legendary street in Back Bay. I haven’t walked between the glorious sale racks of designer clothes, or heard the comforting tinkling of the Nordstrom piano player since I left Florida, and oh how I missed it.

While Nordstrom isn’t the only new store opening at the Natick Collection today, it is by far my favorite followed close by Sel de la Terre . For the rest of you, check out designer stores like Louis Vuitton, Stil and Lululemon.


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