Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 7, 2007

Making sense of the microtrends


Tattoo sporting upper-class, knitting teenagers, and videogame addicted moms. Can these be real?

Oh yes, these “microtrends” are not only real, but are hinting at bigger changes in our society, says new book author and established consultant Mark Penn. His book “Microtrends” investigates 75 of these seemingly minute factoids throughout society and analyzes the subtle clues they give as to the direction of our society. So we have more left handed people in the world, who cares. He does, and so do upcoming presidential candidates. Why? Because it tells of a more tolerant society that gives people more lenience in expression.

Hillary Clinton has already signed Penn on as a consultant to her campaign, which is interesting since he also worked with her husband during his race for the White House. I’m not going to talk about my political stance, mostly because I think it’s still to early to judge the candidates’ true colors, but I think it’s important to take these microtrends into consideration as they suggest which way the greater populations may lean. Newsweek’s article explains this in a bit more detail here.



  1. I would be so much happier if Rudy hired this Penn fellow and
    not Hilary!

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