Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 21, 2007

Google “Scoots” Well


Ever notice how Friday’s bring out the fun side of your co-workers? Maybe it’s the excited anticipation that spreads through the office just knowing that in several hours you’re off to your weekend adventures. Or perhaps it is the punch-drunk hilarity caused by a long and exhausting work week. Either way, I always have some rather… entertaining discussions on Friday with co-workers.  Some great topics include:

Should I skateboard around the office next Monday?

Would anyone notice if I built a nice little bed under my desk?

I’d like to start a doggy-daycare in my free time, how do I start?

You woke up where this morning?

Maybe the Friday mentality is why I found Google’s Scooter Rules so interesting. Courtesy of the ClickZ, Tim Armstrong of Google outlined some of the scooter etiquette in their NYC office that opened their doors to media recently. I don’t care what age you are, that is awesome! It probably wouldn’t work at my office though, since I have enough trouble navigating the corners on foot, but I love that Google is promoting scooter use at the office.


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