Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 24, 2007

Fall starts, Pats triumph, and TV gets interesting


Autumn has officially settled in (correction: Sept 23rd) and is showing its colors along every highway and mountain top in New England. I was lucky enough to hike Mt Monadnock last weekend before the cold winds took over the rocky cliffs, and caught a glimpse of the turning leaves. This weekend however, as I drove back from the Cape I noticed that Fall had truly made itself comfortable and more colorful leaves were waving their goodbyes in the breeze. If you can, make some time in the next two to three weekends and get outside to enjoy the best time in fall when the very air seems to glow, like that of the millions of leaves flying around you. Usually, peak foliage is the second weekend in October, so make your arrangements to go hiking, camping, or wandering before it’s too late!

The start of autumn also signals a couple other major season beginnings. Football has been going for the past three weeks of course, but by now people have settled into their Sunday routines of watching the Pats dominate their “playmates”. This past Sunday was no exception, as the Patriots crushed the undermanned Buffalo Bills 38-7 yesterday.

For those of you who are fed up of watching summer reruns and lame reality show fillers, give a sigh of relief as the new Fall season of a number of favorites (Heroes, House, How I Met Your Mother, DWS, Grey’s) and new hyped series (Chuck, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money) premier this week. See for your local listings and other hot new premiers.



  1. AUGUST 23?! hehehe

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