Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 4, 2007

Fun at the Fair- Topsfield Fair that is


When you hear the words “Agricultural Fair” your eyes might glaze over and your brain might start running through your weekend grocery list. But try to focus for just a minute…

For those of us who missed the Bolton Fair (my high school teachers would be disappointed in me) a couple weeks ago – I used to work at this fair back in the day – dry your tears and focus on the Oldest Agricultural Fair in the country, the Topsfield Fair.

Established in 1818 in Topsfield, MA this fair pretty much has it all. No, it’s not just farming how-to’s, though they do have demonstrations on milking a cow as well as a dairy goat show, there are also live bands, rides, games, pig races, magic shows, horse shows (including my favorite Clydesdale shows) and more! They opened their gates on September 28th and are wrapping up with their last day on October 8th (Columbus Day). So if you have some time this weekend, get there early as Becki suggested, in order to beat the crowds.



  1. Thanks for inviting me to the fair! Such a great idea although I will have to do some extra situps (ha ha ) to burn off that “fair food!”

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