Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 20, 2007

Some Holiday Fun Facts & Acts

Executive Elfs 

As I watch the snow pile up outside our office, I can’t help but let my mind wander to more festive thoughts. With two 1.5 work days left ahead of me before my 4 day holiday break, I find myself wanting to celebrate the season more than wanting to work.

So in honor of my moment of office rebellion I offer you a few sites that get you in the holiday spirit, educate you on some seasonal traditions, and give to a worthy cause. Take a look!

  • If you haven’t seen the NY Times Bits blog or the earlier ClickZ post, the hottest little holiday time killer is where you can turn yourself, friends and family into happy little dancing elves! Courtesy of OfficeMax, this site is a hit! 
  • Check out where Mistletoe came from and what that name really means (you’ll be surprised, trust me) check out this more educational article from
  • Want to get in the giving spirit of Christmas without spending money? Click on and challenge your vocabulary knowledge. For every word you match with the correct definition the site 20 grains of rice for the United Nations Whole Food Program. It’s so addictive and beneficial!

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