Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | January 7, 2008

New Year = New Challenges


The New Year always brings new challenges and I don’t just mean surviving that awesome hangover on Jan 1st. No, with the New Year comes new resolutions. Whether it be losing weight, making more money, spending more time with friends and family, or less time in the office, we all struggle to set life altering goals on Dec 31st and spend the next year striving to complete them, or justifying why you can’t. So how do we fall into the successful group by the end of the year as opposed to the all too familiar failure column? Just a few tips:

  • Be realistic – Don’t give yourself unattainable goals to start off with. Start with a modest goal that you know with a little hard work, you can achieve. Don’t assume you can pull a 180 in just 365 days.
  • Be passionate – If you set the goal of quitting smoking, then make sure your heart is 100% behind your decision. Having the passion behind the goal will help you overcome the tough times and constantly keep you striving for success.
  • Set a timeline – Don’t just give yourself an ending date, but break your goal into a year long timeline. Trying to lose weight? Keep that total weight loss in goal, but then draw out a timeline of losing incremental pounds and what you’ll do to get there. Resolutions need a plan, you can’t just expect them to happen on their own.
  • Reward yourself – Set up a reward program for yourself at the beginning of the year to keep you motivated and inspire you along the way. Whether it be a vacation, new outfit, celebration with friends or even a new toy, rewards work.
  • Challenge yourself – Resolutions shouldn’t be easy. They’re there to benefit yourself and your life. Make sure you give yourself something you have to work for, because when you do succeed you’ll feel the rush of completing your goal and be inspired to do so again.

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