Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | February 2, 2008

Super Bowl Party – How to do it right

One of the biggest events is right around the corner. Literally it’s Sunday! That’s right people, I’m talking about the Patriots’ faceoff against the Giants. No matter what side you fall on though, chances are you’ll be attending or hosting a party for the Super Bowl. Don’t freak out though if you’ve never done it or find yourself throwing an event for 30 peeps. Take a deep breath and read on.

I’ve found a one stop shop/site for all your planning needs.’s Guide to planning your Super Bowl party is perfect and offers tips on:

  • Decorations (not that guys do anything besides toss a few beer bottles around the room for that “lived in” feeling), food (beyond the traditional pizza and chips)
  • Half-time entertainment (don’t worry you won’t need to put on your high school cheerleader outfit… yet)
  • And some other odds and ends

Have fun, be safe and…. GO PATS!


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