Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | February 11, 2008

Who Wins Project Runway?


I’m usually in bed by the time the show Project Runway comes on Wednesday nights, but luckily for me Bravo airs the most recent several episodes every weekend. So yesterday I caught up on the episode I missed last week. Knowing that Fashion Week 2008 ended last Friday though, it made me wonder how the five designers did in their final stand at Bryant Park. I was hoping that at least Jillian and Miss Fierce Bitch – i.e. Christian- really threw down and impressed the judges.

Oh happy day, my questions have been answered! I stumbled across Jezebel’s firsthand account of the Project Runway show. So how did they do? I won’t give specifics, but you can check out the post and find out not only what they hit the runways with, but also some predictions as to who really wowed the audience. Also, if you’re more of a visual person, check this out.

Also, the guest judge for the final episode, Mrs. Beckham added some bright colors to the panel. I wonder if she smiled at all…


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