Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 25, 2008

Starbucks Wants Your Input


I may get some negative criticism for saying how I adore Starbucks, but I do, so there. I don’t go every day, but will occasionally treat myself to a $4 vanilla soy latte and sometimes even a high fat blueberry scone (gasp). I’ve blogged about some of their initiatives in the past, but came across a ClickZ blog today on – a virtual suggestion box for getting your coffee related thoughts and ideas off your chest.

You can add new thoughts, vote for those you agree with and view the “under review” ideas that Starbucks is actually considering! I love this idea and think it’s the perfect forum for customers to get those common ideas (Starbucks VIP card, membership loyalty program, free WiFi, etc) heard. The fact that Starbucks appears to be listening is even better! They’re turning ideas into action.

So if you have some genius idea, post it! Maybe you’ll see it become a Starbucks service or product in the future…


  1. I voted for the VIP card, ’cause you know I’ll use it!

  2. I like free starbucks the best.

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