Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day – How Green Are You?

Kermit the Frog

It’s that Green time of the year again, otherwise known as Earth Day, and the topic for many seems to be: How green are you?

I’ve always been an environmentally conscious person, but of course I don’t always live up to my own goals and expectations. I sometimes leave the water running in the shower too long, will leave the TV on when I’m not in the room, and don’t recycle as much as I know I could among other things. The point of today however is to make an effort, reevaluate what you do, and try to be more efficient.

Some habits I’m proud of that I’ve picked up since the last Earth Day:

  • Reusable grocery bagsSome stores are now requiring you BYO-bag, and it’s not as expensive or inconvenient as you might think. Trader Joes has some really cute ones.
  • Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use – Obviously not your fridge, but your TVs, coffee makers, radios, etc. Believe it or not, it did make an impact on my electric bill.
  • Take public transportation – I’ve learned to rely more on the subways to get around the city. Some cities are better than others though, so I guess this one depends on where you live.
  • Shut lights off when you leave a room – I’ve always been a stickler on this one, but now I follow other people around shutting lights off. 
  • Recycle your office papers – If you work in an office you know that you accumulate a LOT of paper. Take the time to remove staples and toss them into the recycling bin instead of the trash.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs – They last longer and they use less energy.

Have any other good tips or green habits you’ve picked up? Share them!


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