Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 28, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall vs. Baby Mama

I caught up on my movies this weekend and saw a couple movies. The first, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was one DrNickSteamy (oh, I said it) and I have been wanting to see for a couple weeks while the second, Baby Mama, just looked funny on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The winner? I have to go with FSG because it kept me guessing and surprised me with some truly… original ideas (naked breakups and a singing Dracula puppet). Baby Mama was cute and even had a pleasant twist in the last 10 minutes, but was a little more predictable (I’ll keep the not so surprising ending to myself).  Great cast though and some really funny moments by Amy Poehler, who stole the show.

With many more remakes and sequels coming out this summer though, I’m sure these won’t be the last movies I bring up (helllllooooo Sex and the City). But seriously, what is with all the remakes this year? Are we at that much of a loss that we have to make yet another Incredible Hulk movie? Come on.

Check out Tom Bachtell’s Boston Globle roundup of some of the more talked about summer movies.



  1. hulk looks so good. is the modern day Russell crowe

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