Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | April 30, 2008

Are We Getting Tax Incentive Checks Early?


I’ve heard the rumors flying that there is a chance we’ll be getting our rebated checks earlier than previously thought. Well, if SavvySugar is right some folks could already have seen their checks dropped into their bank accounts on Monday. Apparently the IRS moved up the initial deposit date from this Friday, May 2nd to Monday, April 28th.

The trick is, that they’re sending the checks by SSN. So compare the last 2 digits of your own SSN and check out the projected charts here. The IRS has confirmed a specific schedule for the new release date so this gives some hope. If you just can’t wait to find out how much you’re getting back, pull your tax forms together and check out the Stimulus Payment Calculator. And remember, that $600 is just a max, don’t factor that total into your budgeting just yet.

I’m planning to use this cashola (whatever I get) on my credit card bills. Anyone have any really interesting plans for their check?



  1. Ooo, thanks for the tip. I’ve been checking my mailbox every day in anticipation!

  2. Crib. ’nuff said 😉

  3. When will I be receiving my tax stimulus check?

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