Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 23, 2008

The Perfect Guestbook for Every Occasion

I’ve been contacted recently by a few people who were looking for a rather unique website I used last summer to purchase a sensational wedding present – A guestbook. It sounds innocent and almost inconsequential, however it proved to be one of the most unique gifts my friend received for her wedding.

The Guestbook Storeis one of those truly ingenious websites that you wish you thought of yourself.  Started by a young couple who experienced the need for a new twist on the traditional (and boring) guestbook for their own wedding, The Guestbook Store was formed with the intent to share their wonderful solution. The solution being a guestbook that incorporated more than just signatures, but almost served as a documentary made by all of the guests; a cherished keepsake created by those closest to them, not just a paid professional.

Not just for weddings, but to mark and document any occasion, these guestbooks have this niche market nailed. Visit their site and start your journey by picking one of their 48 cover designs and providing the names of the book’s recipients. Then choose the fill sheets (many types and options) that fit the occasion and needs. A hop, skip and mouse click later, you’re paying and having it sent straight to your door.

If you have an upcoming shower, anniversary, birthday, or other momentous, or just fun, occasion this could be the gift that stands out for years to come.


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