Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 26, 2008

Catching Up, Meeting Bloggers at Bella Luna

Better late than never right? Finally, I get the pictures up from last Tuesday’s blogger event at Bella Luna in Jamaica Plain, which turned out to be a really cute event. I met a new group of bloggers and tasted some delicious food that Bella Luna was so good as to whip up in their open kitchen. A special shout out to the crafty ladies of We Are Not Martha  Chelsee and Susie, the worldy Susan of Transient Travels and the celebrity diva Emily at Better than Botox – all were great company at the event and we had so much fun tasting all the food!

The staff on-hand also informed us that Bella Luna will be leaving their Jamaica Plain home in 2009 to take up residency somewhere in or near Sam Adam’s Brewery (I was drinking by then and this tidbit of info kind of slipped past). So make sure you check the website if you’re planning to wait until next year to go…

Check out the pics!

Ohhhhh the glorious food…

The chef’s in action…


  1. So fun!

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