Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 4, 2008

Get out those Decorations, Fall is Here!

Paper Mice

September was a blur, and now we find ourselves pulling on our layers and Fall jackets. Yes, that cool breeze means that Autumn has arrived and October has officially begun. The leaves on the trees bid their final adieu in a blaze of color this month, and it’s time for….get ready for it… I know you’re as excited as me for… DECORATIONS!

I’ve seen some scarecrows and pumpkins already perched on front steps and corn stocks framing front doors and house gates for a few weeks now, but the time has come for Halloween jack-o’-lanterns, witches, and (my favorite) spider webs! Is your decoration fund seeming a bit… bare this year though? We all know the hard economic pinch is affecting us in different ways. No worries. Here are some fabulous October decorations for those of us on a budget this year.

  • Glitter Bones (pictured above) – Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living’s 2007 issue I plan on using this trick again this year. Go buy some cheap plastic skeleton (could just be a couple plastic skulls), some craft glue, and some glitter (green, gold or silver are perfect). Brush the craft glue onto the clean/dry plastic bones in section and then shake the glitter over to coat. Cover the entire bone/skull in glitter and then allow to dry. These are glamorous and spooky.
  • Haunting Black Branches – Inspired by some pricier ones I saw in a store, go take a romp through the woods and find some fallen branches – not tree limbs, but branches – and buy yourself some environmentally-friendly black spray paint. Prop the branches on some used newspaper and spray away to coat the branches. Then let dry. Arrange in clusters in a vase or position on shelves
  • Spiders & Bats & Cats, Oh My!– Feel like a kid again and break out the construction paper or poster board. Go online and print out some patterns for spiders, bats, cats, a witch’s profile, or even a skeleton (if you don’t mind a lot of cutting) and trace onto black paper. Then just cut the haunting shapes out and arrange the them with some wall-friendly tape or string together fishing line and hang from things around the house. Easy and always fun!

So get crafty and start decorating. ‘Tis the season.


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