Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 6, 2008

SNL Saves Us with VP Debate Skit

SNL skit

SNL skit

Though I won’t share my personal outlook on this year’s political election (this is not a politicalblog after all), I am always up for sharing a laugh. Especially on a Monday!

For those who already saw Saturday Night Live’s VP debate skit, you may just want to watch it again, it was that good. For everyone else (like me) who missed the original airing this weekend though, here it is.

I honestly think that SNL has saved us from the self-inflicted political hum-drums that have threatened to take over after months of mud slinging and constant media coverage. Between “Biden’s” “I love John McCain” and “I repeat…” jokes and Tina Fey’s great accent and “outsider” references, I was crying with laughter. Tina Fey really should really win some kind of an award for these…


  1. all things considered, it’s not surprising that the GOP won’t schedule any more unscripted air time for Palin

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