Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | December 31, 2008

Times Square Goes Green with Bicycle Power!

I’m sure some of you have heard the rumors that New Year’s Eve in Times Square was going green this year and were going to power the legendary ball drop with power harnessed by fitness bikes. Honestly, the first question I had was – Cool, but where are they going to find a spinning class at 11:30 at night? Haha. (I am  blond remember)

Well, Jenna Wortham at the New York Timesshed some new light on this green initiative in her Bits blog post yesterday. Turns out Duracell marketers were hit with a genius stick and set up a “power lodge” in downtown Manhattan where six stationary bicycles (that look like snowmobiles for some reason) have given visitors for the past month the opportunity to hop on and pedal for power. The energy generated by the pedaling, or rotary technology to be specific,  is then stored for later use. Pretty cool huh? Not to mention fantastic publicity for Duracell!

Watch the ball drop tonight to see how the whole thing goes!

Now if only we could have these in our houses. Burning calories and powering our house. What more motivation would we need to keep those New Year’s resolution of getting in shape, saving money, and being more sustainable??


  1. That’s so cool- I didn’t know that!

  2. Cant wait to see the coverage!

  3. Hi, I love the photo of Time Square and would like to know if I can purchase the photo. I need it for a book that I intend publishing. Please let me know if it is for sale and that there is no copywright, etc. Look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely Faith Booysen

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