Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 1, 2009

Have a Blast this 4th of July!

Forget the rather disappointing summer we’ve had thus far, the economic concerns and the job stress this Fourth of July and kick back old-school-style. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun on this holiday.

For Bostonians, embrace the free events at your fingertips including the Boston Pops/Fireworks show. Show up early and claim your patch of grass along the Charles River and then relax all day (in a mass of other enthusiastic fans) until the Pops begin their performance. For those outside the city, tune in to any of the main networks for a great show. This year’s fireworks show is said to be the biggest EVER with over  20,000 lbs. of explosives  set to go off in time to music this Saturday night.

Beware public transportation though as it will be mobbed, and don’t go looking for any parking on Saturday, you fine a spare spot of pavement anywhere.

For those not inclined to pyrotechnics, check out’s roundup of parties, fairs, shows, and fun in your city. Boston, here is your roundup.

If you’ll be staying home, then just remember that all you really need for a good time is some friends, family, some good food (probably a BBQ) and tunes to get your party going! Have everyone bring one dish to keep food costs down, and skip on the huge amounts of beer (unless you go the keg route, which is in fact more cost effective for the big ragers).

Now let’s hope for some sun…


  1. I haven’t seen the fireworks in so long and I’m determined to watch this year!

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