Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 30, 2009

Patriots Get into the Social Media Game

Patriots Fan Page

As a Patriots fan I’ve been slightly disappointed with their activity, or rather their inactivity on social media. Sports fans were one of the first groups to truly embrace the community aspect of social media and develop engaged sites, groups and content. Do a Google blog search for “sports blogs” and you can spend the rest of your day (or month) looking through the 157,178,995 sites. Hop on Facebook and you’re almost guaranteed to find your favorite team. Twitter, Youtube, Flickr… the list goes on.

Sports fans. We’re everywhere.

The Patriots finally recognized the opportunity and decided to leverage their existing 160,000-plus Facebook fans by teaming up with Buddy Media to launch a Patriots Fan Zone page within their current fan page. The new page is designed to engage fans with trivia, polls, giveaways, Facebook gifts, calendars, and more. Want to talk about the upcoming game and predict the outcome (without involving a bookie), then jump right in!

The Super Bowl champs haven’t done much to publicize their efforts or add much else to their Facebook presence, but that hasn’t stopped dedicated fans from uncovering it. I for one will be checking this page before next Sunday’s game to see what fellow-fans are saying. Perhaps once the Patriots have a few social media wins under their belt, they’ll be willing to spread the word a bit more. In the meantime, GO PATS!

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