Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 16, 2010

Mission Possible: Buying Gifts for Dad

Every year, I face the same obstacle around Father’s Day… what do I get my dad? To make it more challenging, I actually have a dad  and a stepfather to buy for – double trouble. So why is it so tricky to buy for the father-figure in your life? I polled some friends and we had a few guesses:

  1. Most men are impulsive shoppers. Meaning they see something they like and they just go on ahead an buy it right there. Women on the other hand are more strategic. They lay out a plan, weigh their options, try to find it on sale, and then try and figure out if it would be a better gift to ask for down the road.
  2. Guys have some expensive hobbies. Power tools and golf clubs aren’t cheap man and there are only so many gift cards to the sporting goods store or Home Depot that you can buy.
  3. Many men don’t think to ask. Similar to how my stepfather won’t write thing on the grocery list (drives my mom insane) a lot of guys don’t keep a running list of things they want to ask people for.

So maybe you have some guess on why’s it tricky you’d like to add, but now the more important question is – What do you get Dad? I’ve scoured the web for ideas and came up with some good and in-budget ideas:

  • Personalized Goods – Take a wander over to and pick out something to customize. I really liked the personalized “Man Cave” doormat.
  • BonBons from BonBonBar – Surprise Dad, not with a mottle of scotch (which is way beyond my price range to be honest), but with a Single Malt Scotch Bar! Come on, you have to admit that that is creative.
  • A Good Read – Thanks to the readers at Huffington Post, here is a good round up of books that you will be sure to find something appropriate in. (TIP: “Shit My Dad Says” is a solid bet for any father who likes to laugh).

Do you have some solid suggestions that you’d like to add? Regardless of what you get the father/s in your life, be sure to send them a fun little e-card (try one from to start their weekend off right.

To all the Dads – We know you’re hard to shop for, but we’ll keep trying! Happy Father’s Day.

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