Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | March 10, 2011

Take The 10 Day Challenge

Spring is literally about to pop and you know what that means. Yup, that little bathing suit is going to start calling your name and if you haven’t already had to slip into it for a vacation, you’re going to have to start thinking about it as the temps slowly begin to rise.

No matter your reason for thinking about healthy habits, I’ve got a good way to kick off your health-focused regime. I recently joined the BzzAgent campaign for Silk – which you are probably already familiar with for their soy milk – and their growing line of products. They will kick off their 10-Day Silk for Milk Challenge next Monday, March 14th and are asking you to try replacing your regular milk with one of their milk-alternatives – Soy, Almond and Coconut.

Now, not only are there some seriously health benefits to these (and yes, you’ll still get your dose of Calcium with any of these), but you can learn how great tasting these are on their own, in coffee, cereal and cooking. Yes, they actually taste good!

I replaced my usual rice and soy milk (store brand) with the Silk Almond Milk and was shocked by the texture and also the lower sugar content! I’ll be testing out some of the recipes in the next week or so, but I’ve been using it in my daily shakes (love the creamy texture) and bowl of cereal.

Give it a try and see if this 10-Day Challenge is something you can make a part of your regular day-to-day life! You may surprise yourself and it will inspire other healthy changes as you wake your body up from it’s winter hibernation.

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