Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | May 20, 2011

Summer Fitness Goals & New Challenges

About two years ago I embarked on a totally new journey that I had been talking about for ages, however, my decision to  relocate to Southwest Florida and subsequent job hunt really derailed my journey. Now that Florida’s season is done, I’m taking advantage of my regular work schedule to get back on track with some of my old and some new goals.

So beginning this week, I’m laying out my plans for two BIG summer goals (for me at least):

  1. Study, Study, Study – I’m going to go after my certification for personal training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). It’s a several month program and final exam. My goal is to take and pass the exam by the end of this October.
  2. Swim, Bike, Run – That’s right, I’m going to be doing my first ever sprint triathlon in September! I have officially registered for the Lido Key Sprint Triathlon and will spend the summer training.

I’ve been looking for the right time to get back into my studying for a while, so that has been a long time coming. The triathlon is really attributed to all the great blogs I’ve been reading and it seems everyone who has done one race gets a lot more than a finishing time out of it. It becomes a passion and driving force in their exercise routines. I like to swim, love to bike, and can do a 5k so I figured why not?

I’m not totally on my own for the triathlon though, thank goodness. Luckily Nick has completed two triathlons so far and agreed to sign-up with me and be my Yoda to guide me through training. Honestly, the thought of looking back and knowing I completed even a sprint triathlon makes me all warm and fuzzy.

I have my training schedule and am just tweaking it to fit my schedule, so I’ll share that soon. I’ll most likely have to put my focus on the swimming, since I haven’t swamp any kind of distance in a while. I’m still getting back into my workout routine from my month long cold and knee injury, so I’m trying not to push it too much, but I’m totally psyched to get going!

It’s going to be a busy summer that’s for sure! Have you completed a triathlon before? Any tips for training?


  1. I love your motivation. I’ll never forget how you helped me build up my own motivation and excitement about getting into shape and loosing weight back when I got married. You will make a wonderful personal trainer and I already know of one gal who will soon be anxious to lose her pregnancy weight with your advice and inspiration!

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