Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 10, 2011

Unraveling the Healthy Eating Mystery Part 2


As promised, there is a part deux!

I hear so many people say that foods that are good for you, are the worst tasting. But what if our taste buds are so dulled by being bombarded with excess amounts of sugar, salt and seasoning that we’ve lost touch with the natural flavors of our food. It’s not adjusting to less flavorful foods, but learning to appreciate the subtlety of flavors as they exist without burying it in unnecessary cover-ups.20110612-015621.jpg

Ever notice that some of the best foods are the most simple? Healthy, good food doesn’t have to flavorless. So here are a few tips to consider if you’re struggling with the healthy food blues:

  1. Give it some time – You need to allow your body and mind to adjust to the change. Sugar is addictive, so is dairy and caffeine. Food itself can be a psychological addiction so you need to give yourself some time to “kick the habit.” It’s no the food, it’s your perception of the it. They say it takes 30 days to break a habit, so be ready for a few weeks of… adjusting.
  2. Do your homework – Learn about your foods – read articles, blogs, subscribe to magazines, whatever it takes to expand your knowledge of the foods meant to fuel your body. Start a log of interesting recipes, even if you’re not a big cook. Learn from the experts. The more you know about what you’re eating, the more you’ll stop to enjoy and appreciate it.
  3. Try something new – If the foods you used to eat are not on the clean-eating list, then find some healthy alternatives. This might require you to try something new. Focus on trying new foods on a regular basis and you’ll start seeing healthy eating as an adventure versus a chore. Plus you’ll find more you love!
  4. Be a pack rat – Keep track of the recipes you enjoy most, articles about food you like and restaurants that offer flexible menus. It will make it easier to keep your favorite things at your fingertips.
  5. Plan ahead – Like many things in life, eating healthy is a lot easier when you plan ahead. Pick out recipes you want to make and create a grocery list to follow. Then take some time to prepare your foods for the week ahead so you can just grab them and go. The less you have to think about eating healthy when you’re busy, the more likely you’ll be to keep those healthy plans.

Healthy eating is unfortunately not something they teach extensively in school when you’re a kid, so it’s your responsibility to spend some time and energy on learning about it now. Your body will thank you.

What tips and good habits do you follow to ensure healthy eating?


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