Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 23, 2011

Why Moving Can Be Fun…Well, Maybe Not FUN, But Good

So moving stinks, right? Everyone knows that. You have to go through so much of your stuff, decide what to keep, what to store, throw out, etc. Then you have to pack, ugh, followed by the back-breaking physical moving of all your belongings. That doesn’t include the numerous address change notifications you’ll have to do, the new electric and cable accounts you have to start… WOW, why do people ever move??

Well, as someone who has moved on average every six-eight months for the last three years, has lived in two states, seven towns, two houses, two dorm rooms, and eight apartments, I think I’ve finally got this moving thing down to a science. Which is really good news, because I’m moving… again.

Yes, this weekend my fuzzy feline-friend and I are moving to a new apartment (still in Naples, FL) of our very own. I’ll miss my roomie, but I’m excited to start accumulating some stuff and be back in my own space too. I’ve been so focused on downsizing that I probably have fewer belongings now than when I was in college. Scary huh? It goes against what most of my friends are doing – settling into houses, buying nice furniture and redecorating their gorgeous homes. Me? I haven’t really had a permanent home in a while. I’ve been a girl in transition; a gypsy of sorts, fitting all my possessions in my little Toyota Yaris and moving from one place to another.

To be honest, I’m somewhat tired of the constant moving and lack of a home-like crash pad. So I’m making a resolution to stop focusing on the fact that I’ll most likely be moving again in the months to come and make what I will have in this next apartment all my own.

My goal is to become that thrifty, DIY, second-hand-shop-going, bohemian-style, I-do-home-crafts-in-my-free-time kind of girl so that I can create a very… me-focused home. I’m on a tight budget of course, which makes things even more interesting, but I take the challenge and will rise above simple monetary restrictions.

First, however, I have to actually move. Thankfully though I’ve found that the key to moving is organization and planning. With only a week to plan for this move, I’m glad to have these tips to follow!

Moving Tips to Ease the Painful Process:

  • List Out Who Needs Your Address – Keeping a list of all the various accounts and individuals who need to have your address is helpful for when you need to notify them with your new address. Included on this list should be close friends and family (you want those Holiday cards!), the Post Office, Registry of Motor Vehicles, insurance and financial institutions, your employer, magazines you have subscriptions with and places you have memberships with (like the gym!).
  • Set Aside a Trash-it Day – One of the biggest hassles is deciding what you keep, store and throw out. So set a day, or weekend depending how much stuff you have, at the beginning of your moving schedule and just focus on throwing things you don’t need out. If you haven’t used it, forgot you had it, or don’t know what it is, you can probably toss it.
  • Fix It Up – No matter how hard you try, you always need to fix something when you leave a house/apartment. Whether it’s holes in the walls, scratches on the screen, or just some clogged drains, plan to fix those things at least a couple weeks before (unless the fix requires all of your stuff to be out of the way). You’ll have to clean everything after you move out of one place, but getting the fixes out of the way leaves you less to deal with when you’re already exhausted after a move.
  • Eat it All Up – About a week before your move date, stop your grocery shopping so you can spend that last week eating as much of the food in your fridge, freezer and pantry as possible. Obviously, if you don’t have anything in any of these places, you can go shopping. You do need to nourish yourself.
  • Get Some Help From Your Friends – No I’m not talking about getting friends to help you move (though it’s usually good to ask those closest to you for help moving as far in advance as possible and bribe them with rewards), but rather put a call out to all friends, coworkers and friendly neighbors for boxes, newspaper, empty plastic containers, dollies, etc. Not having to rent or buy packing and moving supplies is a truly wonderful thing, not to mention money-saving.
  • Bag it! – Yes boxes are  great for books, appliances, dishes and pretty much anything solid, but trash bags are a person’s best buddy when moving for ALL the fabric items like linens, pillows and clothes.  Because they’re so flexible, they are great to fill the odd shaped spaces left in your  car. Just squish them on in there. I use the extra strong big trash bags since they hold up even when I’m punching them into my trunk.
  • Label Your Life – It may sound kind of anal, but this saves you SO MUCH time and stress, both when moving your stuff and unpacking. Label every bag, box and suitcase with a quick reference as to the room it belongs in (like “Kitch” or “Bed”) and a descriptive word or two (like “closet clothes” or “Glasses/Dishes”) about what’s in there. I use white index cards and then tape them with clear packing tape to everything.
  • Pack Backwards – Start in the rooms/areas you don’t use as much and pack those up first. Pack the items you use the least first. A few days before you move, plan to pack your main bathroom, closet/dresser, and kitchen items, so as to limit the inconveniences of living amongst boxes. Then pack a small suitcase with the clothes and items you’ll need to last you for the those final few days. Having the daily necessities all in one suitcase is very handy.
  • Plan a Moving Eve Night Out – This is more for your sanity than anything, but plan to go out the night before your moving day. Grab a nice dinner and go see a movie to escape the house/apartment filled with boxes and bubble wrap. It will get you out of the stressful atmosphere and give you a chance to have fun before the big move. Just be sure to get to bed at a decent hour as you’ll want to be fully rested for the Big Day!

I’m super lucky to have the man, coming down tomorrow night to help me move Saturday morning. You had better believe that we’re planning to get the heck out on Friday night to relax before all the hard work on Saturday too. A little dinner at Naples Tomato and maybe seeing Bad Teacher? I might have to order myself a nice glass of wine too!

What moving tips or tricks have you learned? What made your last move easier?


  1. What made my last move easier was a moving company!!!! 🙂

  2. Great post! I am getting ready to move after 18 years in the same house and these tips will definitely make the move less overwhelming. Thank you!

    • Glad it helped! Good luck on your move too. That is a lot of years to sort through and pack up!

  3. […] a complete timeline with all the things I needed to accomplish for my Big Move. Luckily I have the whole moving thing down to a science (and I will be following my tried and true plan to the letter!), so I simply worked backwards to […]

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