Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | June 29, 2011

Falling Off the Wagon Hurts, Now What?

Yes, friends, I have fallen off the wagon. It happens. No one’s perfect.

I could get depressed. I could feel discouraged, perhaps do some moping and sooth my saddened soul with a comforting pint of red velvet ice cream (Mmmmm). Because that would make everything better.

I could give up.

I choose not to, though. Instead I choose to pick myself up and get back on that wagon. Yes, I may have to chase it down since it’s kept rolling since losing me, but I will catch it and jump back on.

If you’re a tad lost and thinking that perhaps I have been hitting the bottle this past week, let me me reassure you – I fell off the training wagon. What went wrong?

I had been doing so well training for my first sprint triathlon (which is still steadily approaching in mid September), and then I got a sinus infection. Never having had one of those, it threw me for a loop and knocked me on my butt. Then I went on a mini-break to see my family in Orlando which was immediately followed by packing and moving. Three weeks later, I’m still starring at my workout sneakers and gym bag which have gotten only a few workouts’ use in these last few weeks.

Basically, life got in the way of my training schedule. I’m not saying I’ve been sitting in front of my TV, stationary this whole time. I’m pretty sure I burned some serious calories and gave my calves a fantastic workout moving last weekend. And walking around a theme park for over eight hours? Yeah, I think that was more than what my body was used to.

But I lost momentum. It really does happen a lot, to both the best and strongest of us. Life has a way of completely ignoring your plans and best intentions sometimes.

The key is not to give up. It’s just a detour, not a dead end. The “wagon” is still there, it’s just down the road a bit. You have to put a little extra effort into chasing that sucker down and climbing back aboard, but it’s possible. It’s frequently easier than you think.

So whether your metaphorical wagon relates to healthy eating, spending habits, workout schedules, or a New Year’s resolution to spend more time on a personal hobby, just know that you don’t need to give up. In fact, you will succeed in more ways if you find your way back to whatever your goal was.

My training schedule may have suffered the last few weeks, but there’s no day better than today (or tomorrow morning in this particular case) to get back into my training routine. Yes, I’ll be waking up at tad bit earlier, but I have a Plan A, and if that doesn’t work out, I have a Plan B to make sure that I find my way back on that darn wagon.

Watch me go!

When was the last time you found yourself veering off track? How did you get back on that road to success?


  1. I have complete confidence in you! I’ll be facing the same challenges in a few weeks and I strive to have the confidence and motivation to get back on that wagon like you did!

  2. […] added bonus is that I’ll be maintaining my training schedule (yes, I’m firmly back on the wagon), though spicing it up with the above activities. Plus, my mom and I will be doing some healthy […]

  3. […] Usually I can force myself to drag my behind out of bed to do a video workout or even just a little floor work a few times a week, even when I am totally exhausted or unmotivated. This perseverance helps, even when you completely fall off the wagon. […]

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