Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | July 1, 2011

10 Reasons Why I’m Excited for My 4th of July

Taking a walk through Boston Commons

Most vacations provide a retreat from your every day life, which is what makes it so fun.

Well for my next vacation, which begins this weekend, I’m going to my homeland in Massachusetts. It used to be my every day life when I lived there, but now, it’s more of a special treat. I get the unique opportunity of knowing the area and being able to enjoy all the absolutely AWESOME things that make New England my favorite destination.


One spectacular Boston skyline at twilight

So why the excitement, you ask? Well, here are the big reason:

  1. My family – While I have family all over the country, most of my family is in New England with a large portion in MA. 20110630-062714.jpgAnyone who’s lived far from their family knows how wonderful it is to spend time with them during trips.
  2. My friends – I’m not trying to brag, but I have the greatest friends. They range in personalities, styles, professions, locations and lifestyles (single, coupled, engaged, married, married-with-baby, etc), but they are the coolest people you’ll meet. Many of these fantastic friends are located right in MA/NH too, which means lots of visiting!
  3. Cold water, sandy beaches – I have always loved beaches of any kind, but there’s something about the crisp/cold Atlantic waters and tan sandy beaches of New England that feel like home to me. Yes, even with the seaweed.
  4. Historic seaport towns – From their waterfront wood-paneled houses, to the brick and cobblestone roads and charming shops and restaurants, the seaside towns such as Newburyport, Gloucester and Marblehead are those fascinating places with so much character, history and beauty that there is something fun to see around every corner.
  5. Boston – As my all-time favorite city, though almost tied with San Francisco, Boston and it’s surrounding suburbs are a never-ending fascination for me. There are more restaurants than you can ever manage to get to, the people are the most varied and busy group you’ll ever see, and there’s so much history and culture there you can almost feel it pouring out your ears after just a couple hours wondering the city streets.

But, oh just wait, there’s more reasons that I’m psyched to vacation at my New England home and these include things I just can’t wait to do…20110630-062644.jpg

  1. Biking the Nashua River Rail Trail.
  2. Grilling vegetables, fish, fruit, whatever, and enjoying it on my mom’s back porch looking out at the lush green grass and gardens in the backyard.
  3. Homemade ice cream cone enjoyed on a picnic table outside the ice cream stand.
  4. Hiking Mount Monadnock with family and/or friends (dogs included).
  5. Walking through Boston Gardens and the Commons on my way to/from my haircut at with my favorite Newbury Street hair-stylist, Leanna.

Yes, there are many reasons to be excited!

An added bonus is that I’ll be maintaining my training schedule (yes, I’m firmly back on the wagon), though spicing it up with the above activities. Plus, my mom and I will be doing some healthy cooking as we compare recipes and I add some of my vegan and vegetarian cooking styles to the mix.

The only non-healthy dish I refuse to leave without eating though is lobster. It’s a tradition. It’s butter coated. It’s delicious.

Do you vacation by visiting your hometown/area? What are your must-do’s for when you get home or when you vacation in general?


  1. So glad I got to see you on your trip home!

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