Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | August 30, 2011

No Hurricane Parties, but Still a Good Weekend

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A week ago, I had been planning my weekend to include a hurricane party, a stack of movies and some catch-up reading.

Luckily for Southwest Florida, and Florida as a whole, Hurricane Irene slid past us far enough east so that the only rain we got was ten minutes of sprinkles on Thursday.

Of course, not everyone in the country was so lucky and I spent most of my Monday morning going through my RSS feeds reading story after story of flooding, power outages and destruction. Thankfully, the my friends and family in the homeland were okay and just hunkered down during the heavy rains. My mom was actually excited for the storm (I get my storm chasing passion from her).

So I wasn’t too sad that Irene missed Florida, especially since I work at an outdoor attraction that would have been horribly affected by storm like this. So thank you Mother Nature, for sparing a young botanical garden and it’s staff.

My weekend was touched with a bit of sadness though, as I learned a family member passed away. Being so far from everyone, it was even sadder as all I wanted to do was be there for those in pain. Luckily I got a surprise visitor who managed to cheer me up and keep me distracted from feeling low.

So my weekend turned out being a trip to the movies (Columbiana hit theaters this past weekend and I had to check it out, since I love a good girl-kicks-butt movie), some at-home movie watching (Just Go With It turned out to be an unexpected new Adam Sandler/Jennfier Aniston favorite!), easy meals and some R&R by the pool.

Not to shabby, and WAY better than my original plan.


I even proved my rule – Hollandaise sauce makes everything better – true yet again by whipping up some yummy Eggs Benedict (with faux sausage for me) Sunday morning. All in all, I think my actual weekend turned out much better than I had been planning last week. Thank goodness.

This week will be an interesting one with a crazy amount of work projects due and a shortened week (yay for the four-day weekend).

I hope everyone stayed safe this past weekend and made it through the storm okay. For anyone impacted by the storm, know our best hopes and wishes are with you.

How did your weekend plans hold up? Did Irene change things up for you?

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