Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 9, 2011

I didn’t fall off the planet…

I’ve been terrible.

Horrible even.

No, I haven’t committed a crime, but I have allowed my schedule and an overwhelming sense of mental exhaustion to completely consume me the last couple weeks.

My hopes of blogging, dropped off into the abyss and I’ve only posted… once – really? WOW. Like I said, terrible.

So here’s a quick catch up on things in the last couple of weeks:

  1. Laid low a bit after some sad news a couple weeks ago.
  2. Signed up and started preparing for my Oct. 22nd triathlon in St. Pete (Bring. It. On).
  3. Have a new personal training “client” (more like a practice subject since it’s all for free, but it will be helping me apply more of what I’ve learned in my PTC studies).
  4. Attended a wedding in Bradenton, FL Labor Day Weekend…

The last one is really the most exciting since I have pictures to show from that beach-bound party. It was a Friday wedding – which seems to be all the rage in this era of budget-minded weddings – so I had to take off an extra day of work (shucks). Some work deadlines, however, didn’t allow me get the early start I wanted and I spent my entire morning working from home.

By the time I hit the road around 2pm, I was feeling the time crunch, and was totally frazzled by the time I met Nick in Sarasota where we immediately set off for our hotel in Bradenton. After a frantic rush to get ready we piled into a cab with five other people and were off to the wedding!

Despite the frantic day, the wedding was wonderful. My stiletto heels probably weren’t the best shoe selection for this beach wedding, but the weather cooperated and it was a lovely, fun, evening with friends, food and of course, DANCING.

I left out the dancing pictures, because let’s be honest, we make some funny faces when we dance.

Somehow, we were the last group to leave (probably because we had to wait 30 minutes for a cab, while everyone else drove off in their own cars), but we had all had such a good time, we didn’t much care.

The rest of the weekend was spent recovering and resting up (most of Saturday), and spending some time with Nick’s parents who were visiting Sarasota that weekend. I haven’t spent that much time in Sarasota , but dinner at a great little Italian restaurant on Siesta Key called Bella Roma Ristorante, reminded me that I need to spend more time eating and exploring my way around this area.

I ended up trekking back down to Naples Sunday evening after dinner so that I could check on the little fuzzball. Luckily she seemed to be just fine, though being happy for some company. We hung out all day Labor Day and she played with her odd little catnip ball all day while I cleaned.


Good teamwork, Fuzz.

This weekend promises to be more of a catch up weekend, but with some fun sprinkled in. Tomorrow is Salutation Nation, which is being hosted in Cambier Park in Naples. So tomorrow morning, I’ll be traveling over to 5th Ave for some 9 a.m. yoga, before swinging over to Third St. South’s Farmers Market to stock up on some weekend produce. You have got to love a year round Farmer’s Market.

I’m hoping to get to the movies on Sunday too, but it will depend on how engrossed I get in my cooking. Has anyone seen The Help yet?

Maybe I’ll even make it over to my favorite Naples building too – the library – as my last round of borrowed books is due this week and needs to be replenished.

I’m going to try to hop back on the blogging buss with more frequent updates this month, so stay tuned.

I’m also thinking I may try some new recipes this weekend which could mean some long overdue BSL recipe posts next week!

I’d love to know though, are you participating in Salutation Nation tomorrow? Or do you have plans to take advantage of any of the great yoga deals and promotions going on for National Yoga Month?

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