Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 23, 2011

My Training Plan – A Plan of High Impact Action (Oh yeah)

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So in planning my fitness regimen to whip me into shape in just five weeks (knowing I’m not exactly out of shape now, but need to improve), I found myself asking one key question:

What is it that gets me fit fastest (that I will actually stick with)?

Clean eating? Part of it for sure, especially limiting the amount of dairy and sugar I consume (those things really suck the energy right out of me).

Running? It is a good measurement tool for me, but not a good builder for me since I have knee injuries that just don’t allow me to push myself as hard as I’d need to.

Weight training? Another good part, but I bore easily with weights and seriously dislike weight machines (I find they stifle my desire for creativity in my workouts).

So what?

Well, it’s actually a little  thing I like to call You-Have-To-Be-Crazy-To-Enjoy-This workouts, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

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I was introduced to HIIT with my favorite workout DVD series Insanity a couple of years ago. Being a Beachbody Coach, I thought it was the greatest thing since grilled cheese and peanut butter (yummm).

I love Insanity, but I don’t have the motivation to do the entire program as it’s laid out. I get bored doing the same exact workout week after week. There are 10 workouts, but I have workout ADD and lose interest easily, so I worked them in with my other workouts and saw AWESOME results.

HIIT provides me with my ideal workout – crazy intense, fast, and so exhausting you almost can’t do anything else, even if you want to. Oh yeah, and it is the best workout I’ve found to tone my body the way I want.

Somewhere along the line though, between moving to Florida, getting used to the craziness of Florida’s “season”, keeping up at work, and moving apartments (a lot), I lost touch with my interval workouts. We grew apart.

I didn’t have time to create new workouts and as a result, was relying on spinning and kickboxing classes to give me my “high intensity” workouts – when I could make it to the gym.

When I started my triathlon training regimen this past June, I followed a more traditional kind of plan that just had me weight lifting, biking, running and swimming. I was to increase intensity and the lengths of my workouts to reach my goals. The problem was, that I didn’t have time for anything additional (no yoga, ahhhh!) and I was working out twice a day which got old really fast. So when my first race got canceled I gave up that training regimen and slipped back into my classes and regular exercises.

Now as I plan my next less-than-five weeks, I remember how great I felt when I was doing HIIT. I had loads of energy, was the most comfortable with my body as I ever had been and I remember feeling just really strong and capable.

Well I’m going to get that feeling back! AND I’m going to get in great shape for the October 22nd sprint triathlon.

That’s right, I’m going back to my HIIT workouts and making those my focus workouts for at least the next 4.5 weeks. And to hold myself accountable, starting next week, I’m going to share my workout plan for the week so that I make sure I have something to look at and say, I WILL do that.

Don’t worry, I’ll post things besides just the workouts (I’d hate to bore anyone too much). In addition, I’m cleaning up my diet and eating the things that I know will support my training and avoiding those that will drag me down (goodbye sweets and dairy, we’ll be seeing each other very little in the next month).

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I’ve already taken a trip to Fresh Market and stocked up on this week’s supplies of fruits and veggies as well as ordered a new protein and greens supplement from online which I’m SUPER excited to get next week (more details on that later).

So I may still have some older recipes to post that include yummy cheeses and white sugar, but mostly, you’ll probably be seeing very clean recipes coming from me in the coming weeks.

Have you tried HIIT before? If so, did you like it?

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