Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | September 24, 2011

How I found my new teacher… (Field of Dreams quote coming atchya)

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“Build it and they will come.”

Whispered words that continue to apply to my life.

Not that I’m building a baseball stadium in the middle of a cornfield. I don’t have a cornfield. I don’t really love baseball that much. And I’m sorry, but I don’t want people popping out of the bushes all the time – especially dead people.

No, no.

The words still ring true though.

Similar is the idea that when you have need of him/her, your master/teacher will appear.

It all has to do with the power of intention. You think it and it happens, right? Well, maybe it doesn’t always happen the way you thought it would, but in my experience, it happens somehow.

Well, it has happened to me, yet again.

Here I am, working to establish a training program, working to find a healthier fitness-life balance, wondering how I’m going to accomplish all this and BAM, my teacher appears.

Of course, it’s never in the way I might have imagined, but still.

Yes, my teacher appeared by way of a website – BodyRock.TV – and my teacher – a woman around my age who is in the most unbelievably amazing shape I could ever even imagine – was there . Honestly, I almost didn’t believe it until I read through pretty much every post on the site. Zuzana is her name and she’s a YouTube sensation that I have somehow overlooked in the past couple years.

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Zuzana and her husband Freddie have made this site their lives. Literally, it is their job and clearly a passion. They post something almost every day, sometimes, more than one thing, from workouts, to diet advice, “Coffee Talks,” recipes, fashion advice and travel/home videos.

They started on YouTube with instructional HIIT workout videos (12-15 minute workouts), and relaunched a new site earlier this year (as far as I could tell).

So why is it so great?

Zuzana and Freddie are real, adorable, and open about almost everything. They understand that the key to success for these viral communities is transparency and consistency and live by those rules. You watch their videos for 30 minutes and you feel like they’re the friends – the beautiful, ridiculously healthy, kindhearted friends – you dream about.

The videos and photography are great (courtesy of Freddie).

Zuzana does work her sex-appeal in every aspect of the site, but trust me, the approachable demeanor makes her totally lovable. I have a girl-crush on her for sure and you will too when you watch her.

Oh yeah, and her workouts (which are all FREE) totally ROCK. Plus she solves my biggest problem of getting tired of a workout because she posts new workouts all the time! Did I mention her workouts are on average just 12-minutes long?

Yup, that’s kind of the most amazing thing in the world. Almost (because I will always love grilled cheese and peanut butter more).

This is everything I could have wanted and more. I’ve already started doing Zuzana’s workouts (yes every muscle in my body aches and I love it), and even though they’re short, believe me, you are wiped out by the end. Not just wiped up, but collapsed on the floor, how-did-I-just-do-that, can-I-even-make-it-to-the-shower, kind of exhausted. Right up my ally.

So, even though she doesn’t know it yet, Zuzana totally saved me, by inspiring me at just the right time.

I like the idea of becoming a BodyRocker, so let’s see how these next four weeks go and this may even be something I can continue with!

(And I have to thank The Fitnessista for mentioning on her blog which is how I found it in the first place!)

Do you have a fitness teacher or guru that you look up to? How did you find them?


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