Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 3, 2011

Last Week’s Workouts & This Week’s Plan

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Last week was my second week where I focused almost completely on my HIIT workouts.

I still thought I would have to supplement with some cardio classes at the gym (spinning, I still love you), but I worked every muscle in my body with just the 20-30 minute workouts and I didn’t need to add anything.

To be honest, I don’t know if I could have taken anything else…

I did end up doing a bit of yoga on my “active rest” day though to work through the pain of some sore muscles.

So this was my schedule (which I completed) last week:


  • 2.5 mile beach run
  • 0.5 mile ocean swim



Wednesday: Active Rest Day




It was an awesome week. The best thing is that I can see and feel a difference already.

I have more energy, the cat’s ginormous box of kitty litter is actually easy to lift now, my pants all fit looser, my posture has improved, and I’m even sleeping better. There might even be some extra muscle definition in the back and ab area, though that might also be wishful thinking.

So this week will include a couple extra active rest days as I’ll be traveling a lot (more on that later). Luckily, since the BR workouts only take 15-30-minutes and don’t require a lot of particular tools or space, I can do them while traveling. Yippee!

So here is what I’m working with this week:




Wednesday: Active Rest Day – Traveling



  • Hiking or Biking – 45-60 minutes

Saturday: Active Rest Day (and probably also a recovery day from the night-o-partyin’ on Friday!)

So far, I’m right on track with this week’s workouts, having already completed two of them (I love working out in the morning for this reason).

Tomorrow’s workout looks rough (seriously, just watch the video and you might cry for me), so I’m glad that I’m taking Wednesday off. I’ll kick my booty tomorrow morning and then have two days to recover.

I just hope that I can walk and sit Wednesday, especially since I’ll be spending my morning in an airport/on a plane. I might need to do some stretches after that plane ride.

Have you set any fitness goals recently? If so, how are they going?


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