Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 4, 2011

Annual Autumn Trip to MA – Here I Come Beantown!

I love New England, I truly do (yes, even when our sports teams make incredible nose dives that astound the nation).

Though the traffic infuriated me for years…

And the winters tested my patience…

I truly love my homeland.

My favorite time to visit though (besides the holidays, when Christmas anywhere else just feels… wrong), is the fall.

It’s not just the foliage that I’ve been so spoiled to have grown up with; it’s not the holidays (let’s be honest, is there really a more appropriate place to be for Halloween?); it’s not even the hot cider donuts (that make my mouth water just thinking about them).

No, it’s that smell and feeling in the air. It’s crisp, fresh, and filled with aromas of fallen leaves, apples and smokey fires. It feels refreshing and energizing and clears your head.

I swear, Yankee Candle should make a scent called New England Autumn (if they haven’t already).

I’ve been other places in fall and New England is the only place where autumn smells like this.

So, needless to say, I am beyond thrilled to be making my annual autumn trip back to MA. Plus, this time, I’m bringing someone extra who has never been to MA before (yay, I get to play giddy tour-guide).

Yes, Nick and I are making the trip for four days and will be packing as much as humanly possible into those few days.

I’m hoping to cover as much ground as possible, but we do have an obligatory event this Friday in Boston. And when I say obligatory, I mean a super fun, I’m-going-to-dance-the-night-away, party-on wedding. Plus, it’s on a boat!

(Can you guess how hard it was finding an outfit for a fall wedding on a boat in Boston? Yeah.)

I’m hoping that we’ll get to do some of the fun things I did last fall and maybe throw in some of my other favorite things to do when I’m home.

I’ve also been demanded that we visit this fella…


(Nick swears that it doesn’t matter that he’s not a Red Sox fan – gasp! – and that he must see the Green Monster because it’s a sports landmark.)

The highlight is always seeing my friends and family, so no matter what we’re bound to have a good time.

Oh, and did I mention how excited I am to wear my boots too?

Oh, boots, I’ve missed you too.

What are your favorite things to do in fall? Any New England recommendations?

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