Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 17, 2011

Race Week Countdown & Workout Schedule


Happy Monday!

It’s hard to believe I got back from vacation over a week ago…

It was a whirlwind, amazingly fun, five-day trip which I’ll post pics and details on about soon. I event kept up with my workout schedule on vacation and added about a half day’s walking around Boston to the list!

In the meantime, let’s talk about how something happened last week that has had me kind of… stressed out.

I got sick.

I got a cold that started with a sniffle, then became a day of sneezes, which then morphed into a sinus headache and congestion, and made its way down into my lungs where it settled for several days.

All of this, just over a week before my first triathlon.


Luckily, after a week of rest, taking vitamins, and good eating, my cold is on it’s last legs. (Phew!)

So now into my last five days before the race, I am working to kick the last bits of the cold out of my system and get back up on my workouts.

Some exciting news from this past weekend will add a new dimension to my out-of-the-gym workouts, but more on that later.

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Here is my workout schedule for this week – the last and final week leading up to my race!

Sunday: Rest Day





Friday: Active Rest Day

Saturday: TRIATHLON!!!!

  • 7:30 AM – The race begins…

I’m officially canceling my gym membership after my PT session tonight, so hopefully I can take that money and put it towards some new exercise equipment for home soon too!

Any tips for race-week preparation?

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