Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | October 21, 2011

Shannon’s Got A New Set of Wheels

Do you remember your first set of wheels?

It may have been your first car.

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But more likely it was a tricycle that you rode around in your driveway (and if you were like me, you rode it all year long, even in the snow) . And it was so COOL.

It allowed you to move in a way you never had before (even though you weren’t going to win any races on that baby).

When you graduated to the two-wheeler, you may have felt ready to conquer the world since you could now ride anywhere (within a 10-minute distance from your house in the company of an adult).

By the time you were an experienced rider, you had moved up to the geared cruiser and tackled that monster hill up the road from your house on a daily basis.

No hill was too big.

You had a few solid wipe outs under your belt and the scars to prove it, but you didn’t let that curb your enthusiasm for the open-road (that weren’t heavily trafficked, because you didn’t want your mom to have a heart attack).

I loved biking.

Then I got a car.

And then I fell in love with freedom that a car provided.

It was years before I hopped on a bicycle again and felt that wind in my hair, bugs in my face, all out racing-speed rush. But, by that point my bicycles of the early years were long gone, sold in a yard-sale prior to one of our moves.

So I took up spinning, which I could do even in the winter in New England and included a boot-camp-like instructor yelling directions at you. Who doesn’t like that??

Well, now I’m in Florida where biking is a year-round sport, and I’m going to be biking in an actual race where a spinning bike isn’t really going to cut it.

Thus, the big news from this past weekend. (Can you see where I’m going with this?)

Knowing that I would be giving up my gym membership and that I needed to have an actual bike for the upcoming race, I made the HUGE move and bought a kick-ass road bike.


Seeing as Nick needed to get his bikes fixed up and fine-tuned for the race, we traveled on down to Big Momma’s Bicycles where Amy (the incredibly awesome and knowledgeable woman who runs this shop) whipped out this beautiful dreamboat…

I didn’t need to be told this was an incredible bike (though I could tell it was by the look on Nick’s face when Amy brought it out). Bianchi is legendary.

It is, however, an investment.

So I gave it a day to ponder the financials and then went back the next day and setup my payment plan. Amy at Big Momma’s made all the custom adjustments and assured me life-long upkeep on the bike. And she told me to buy a REALLY GOOD LOCK.


Now this beauty resides in my living room.

Not everyone may understand the expense, but the minute I told my mom (who also owns a Bianchi and loves it) and she congratulated me on my purchase, I knew I made the right decision.

It’s not just a bike, but a long-term investment in your health, as well as a great form of transportation.

The feeling you get in buying a bike is similar to what you feel after you buy your first new car. You love those wheels (I totally adore my little Toyota Yaris, which is the best car ever) for everything they do for you.

But a bike is slightly different then a car. It goes back to that same feeling when you rode that tricycle the first time. You can’t ever go that fast, that smoothly, powered by only your own strength in anything else.

So to my new Bianchi, welcome my dear. Let this be the beginning of a long friendship.


And let’s kick some butt this weekend in that race.

Do you remember your first bike? What about the first bike you yourself ever purchased?

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