Posted by: Shannon @ A Dash of Sparkle | November 22, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Feasting & Holiday Gratitude


I’m a big fan of the holidays.

Actually, for anyone who knows me, that is a ridiculous understatement. The holidays are my FAVORITE time of the year.

Not because of the gifts, even though wrapping is a favorite artistic outlet for me.

Not even because of the decor, even though I think twinkly lights could be the greatest invention ever.

No, it’s because of the perfect combination of family, friends and food.


That trio creates this amazing warm fuzzy feeling all over. It’s a feeling that I’m happy to invest time, money and traveled miles to achieve.


Another great thing about the holidays is that you can celebrate a holiday before, during and after the actual date. Take Thanksgiving for example. I started celebrating over a week ago.

In a day and age when sitting around a formal, or even casual, set table is all too rare, I’d like to give thanks to the amazing people in my life who I will do just that with this holiday season.


I’m thankful too, that I got to start my holidays early with this fantastic home-cooked dinner. I can’t wait to be thankful for the family I get to spend my Thanksgiving Day with as well. I know it will be delicious as well!

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